“ Our solutions are proven technologies combined with best practices”


With the new security challenges emerging daily, insuring user authentication requires best of breed solutions that can evolve and scale to meet new threats and manage risks. Meeting those requirements is the driving force behind our advanced authentication solutions. Easily integrated into custom security application deployments or combined with many of the world’s leading commercial security software solutions, Euro-Smartict solutions help organizations in integrating advanced authentication solutions using extensive variety of security products such as smart cards, contact less cards, mobile tokens, software token and advanced biometrics.


Smartict Identification Platform

The aim of this platform is to shift the information stored on a smart chip card towards a central system initiated and identified by a smart non-chip code preserving the same level of security yet offering a more flexible and scalable information management, less development costs and faster deployment.

The platform is made of a centralised portal, web services and admin dashboard allowing organisations to create and manage identification profiles of their subscribers and/or delegating parts of these profiles to a third party organisation or the subscriber self. Based on their access rights, these profiles can be securely accessed by the organisation’s agents using authorised applications mobile devices to identify these members prior to using any of the organisation services.

The identification platform is currently being used by clients to achieve a quick, solid and scalable yet affordable identification solution.


Smartict Authentication Platform

This platform provides an Identification & Verification Server (IDVS) enables organisations to identify, validate and authenticate users (both employees and/or clients) based on the appropriate method of authentication before accessing your corporate services. Authentication methods such as one-time password, code authentication, challenge/response, push authentication, smart cards based tokens, mobile based tokens, biometrics or certificate based are supported. The IDVS integrates a wide range of mechanisms based on Euro-Smartict tokens, third parties tokens, smart cards, e-ID cards and ICAO compliant e-Passports.

Euro-Smartict offers as well a variety of authentication tokens used for identity verification supporting one-time password, push authentication, challenge/response, biometrics and certificate based. These tokens are available as smart card based, mobile based or cloud based. Whether you are using desktops, mobile phones or tablets as your working environment, Euro-Smartict authentication tokens fit into your needs.

Smartict Authentication Platform forms solid solution for your back office provided services such as Internet Banking, brokerages services, remote access, network access, e-services, e-government, e-voting and much more.


Smartict National e-ID and e-Passport Suite

The Smartict National e-ID and e-Passport Suite contains a set of smart card applications to run on contact and contactless JAVA / MULTOS cards enabling governments to rapidly deploy their National e-ID and e-Passports. The suite provides the following smart card applications for National e-IDs:

  • Pin/Biometric Application used for card holder authentication
  • Sign Application used for card holder e-signing and e-authentication
  • Secure Channel Application used for card authentication and setting end-to-end secure channel to the government back office validation and security services
  • Generic Data Container Application used to host information about the card holder such as personal data, medical data, driving license and others.

It also supports Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) for e-Passports providing functionality such as:

  • Basic Access Control (BAC)
  • Passive Authentication (PA)
  • Active Authentication (AA)
  • Extended Access Control (EAC)
  • Reading of the Logical Data Structure (LDS)

The suite also includes a middleware (CSP/PKCS-11) and back-office validation services software to allow easy integration into different e-Government services and inspection systems.


Smartict SAM Server-Side Suite

The aim of this suite is to enable the usage of Security Authentication Module (SAM) running on the server side (cloud). This solution is developed to extend services running on the cloud in VPS or VM environments with the usage of SAM or Host Security Module (HSM) where needed.


Smartict Modern Browser Connector Suite

This suite enables secure web connectivity to hardware devices such as smart card readers, biometric devices, and hardware tokens connected to clients’ browsers and employees’ workstations to ensure end-to-end secure authentication and message signing. This current solution is being used within Internet Banking, brokerage services and e-Government services.

This suite uses plugin-free components suitable for modern web browsers and is available for several operating systems and includes fully customisable (auto-update) installers.


Smartict Tailor-made Security Toolkit

Based on our proven technology, know-how and best practices, Euro-Smartict delivers tailor-made security software that can be plugged into existing (or to be developed) systems. This software is built based on either customer’s specifications or architectures defined by our security architects.

Examples of such software are:

  • Smart card applications development for MULTOS & JAVA smart cards
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile security applications
  • iOS / Android security applications
  • Biometric recognition applications
  • Security services modules
  • Validation gateway modules
  • PKI glue / PKI middleware

 Smartict Security Toolkit provides as well open standard functionality including:

  • Implementation supporting PKCS-11 / CSP / Card Modules. (mini-driver)
  • Implementation supporting ISO-14443 contactless cards
  • Implementation supporting ISO-7816 contact cards
  • Implementation supporting Biometric Enrolment & Verification
  • Implementation supporting PKI and X.509 certificate
  • Implementation supporting Host Security Modules (HSM)
  • Implementation supporting Security Authentication Modules (SAM)
  • Implementation supporting web connectivity to smart card readers and biometric devices