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Edentified, a part of the Smartict Authentication Platform, is an authentication product set to provide clients with advanced authentication during the access of their online services. Edentified product set is made of the following components:

  • Edentified Mobile: is the advanced authentication app that runs on both android and iOS enabled mobile devices. The edentified app supports OTP (One-Time-Passcode) authentication and QR code authentication.
  • Edentified IDVS: is the identification and verification services that runs at the backoffice. The IDVS manages and verifies user identities who are willing to access online services when using the edentified app.

How does edentified work?

After installing edentified app (available on both App Store and Google Play), the app requests the user to enrol his/her email address and an activation code is sent to the given email address. After activating the app using the received activation code, the edentified app is ready to be used. The user can choose two authentication methods namely, using OTP authentication or QR authentication depending on the online services accessed. 

Accessing online services using OTP authentication: (Check our OTP online demo)

  • The user generates an OTP using the edentified app
  • The user signs in at the online service using his/her email address and the generated OTP 
  • Upon successful verification, access will be granted.

Accessing online services using QR authentication: (Check our QR online demo)

  • The user scans the qr-code presented on the sign in screen.
  • Upon successful identification and verification, access will be granted.

Benefits & Features:

  • Advanced authentication solution
  • Proven technology available now
  • Easy to integrate, scale and maintain
  • No reliance on external services with their associated costs
  • No extensive modification of ICT and hardware infrastructures
  • No multi-vendor licenses and maintenance issues 

Integrating edentified into your web portals & web services:

IDVS provides a number of REST-APIs to allow integrating edentified OTP and QR authentication into your web portals and web services. Integration of both OTP and QR authentication is easy and straight forward.

Below a sample how to achieve this integration, assuming the user already installed and activated the edentified mobile app on his/her device.

Integrating edentified OTP Authentication:

One REST-API (json post) function call to our IDVS is all what you need. 


Upon success the IDVS responses with:

"success": true,
"errorCode": 0,
"errorMessage": "Operation succeeded"

Integrating edentified QR Authentication:

QR authentication is achieved using the following functions:

  • QR_RequestToken
  • QR_Authenticate
  • QR_AuthenticationStatus

Contact us for an instruction manual and sample code on the call of the above functions.

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